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Our Values

Deep commitment to the Holy Scriptures

Scripture is the norma normans non normata, the norming norm that is not normed, the foundation of any theological inquiry/education. Commitment to Scripture means commitment to what Scripture is, the Word of God—God-breathed, inerrant, infallible, and authoritative (cf. Chicago Statement)

Faith seeking understanding

Theological inquiry needs to be conducted in the framework of faith (objective and subjective). Objective faith pertains to the historic formulation or content of the Christian faith, as traditionally transmitted in the Rule of Faith and the subsequent early church councils (cf. What we believe). Subjective faith pertains to the student and the faith by virtue of which he/she believes or claims to believe.

Support for the Great Commission

This is to help the churches fulfil their mission through evangelistic and missionary endeavors. Such endeavors can come in various forms: providing expertise, forums, organizing evangelistic campaigns, student mobilization, etc.

Spiritual Disciplines

A strong theological education can never be, and should never be, separated from the practice of spiritual disciplines. Therefore spiritual formation is an integral part of creating a solid theological training program. Furthermore, theological education is also an act of worship (Rom 12: 1-2).

Interconnectedness with the local church

FTBM seeks to foster the culture of “theology for the church.” Such connectedness translates first and foremost in the students’ involvement in a local church (membership and internships). Second, FTBM strives to involve local churches in the life of the school. This is done in various ways, such as opening up the seminary library to church members, organizing conferences for the grand public (churches), allowing seminary facilities to be used by churches (or vice versa), inviting church leaders and pastors to speak at chapel or teach some courses, and other ways.

Global connectedness

This helps relating Malagasy churches to the global community. FTBM and its faculty members are part of (or seek to be part of) academic networks such as ABTEN, ICETE, and IACE, as well as academic societies such as ETS, EPS, and SBL. Additionally, FTBM seeks to facilitate the connection of Malagasy churches to the global church by implementing awareness activities such as prayer for the nations and the persecuted church.