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Application Requirement

All applicants should have a “baccalauréat” degree (high school diploma).

All applicants should be able to demonstrate a genuine saving faith in the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.

Documents Required

Application Form

Complete this form and send it to FTBM with the additional documents listed in the form.

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Church Recommendation*

Ask your pastor or one of your elders to complete this form and submit it to FTBM.

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Other Recommendations*

Ask 2 separate individuals to complete this form and submit it to FTBM. See form for requirements.

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* Church and other recommendations forms are not necessary for applicants who enroll for auditing courses.

Admission Deadlines

For any program (Associate/Bachelor’s degree, Non-Degree, and auditing ), applications including all required documents must be submitted by the deadlines indicated below:

  • Semester A (August to December): August 1st
  • Semester B (January to May): December 1st

Where to send your documents

All documents can be emailed to [email protected]

You can also choose to mail them to

Lot II L 10 bis Ankadivato
Antananarivo 101