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Auditing Courses

​FTBM offers the possibility to audit courses. This means that the student will attend a course but will not complete any of the assignments associated with it (papers, projects, exam, or quizzes). Auditing a course will not yield any credit hours for the student. Please note that an audited course cannot be converted to a “for credit” course.

This option may be convenient to those who wish to expand their general knowledge without having to commit to the workload required by “for credit” courses. We encourage such individuals to consider taking the courses they are interested in through the Non-Degree program for credit hours. This will be more beneficial for their personal learning.

It could also be the case that a person may feel inadequate for higher theological education, due to various reasons. We do encourage those in that situation to audit at least one course. This will help them to have an idea of what kind of training is offered at FTBM.​