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Associate Of Theology

Associate Of Theology

The Associate degree provides a basic yet solid theological training for equipping anyone who is considering any type of ministry within the church (pastoral, women, youth/children, missions, etc.). Upon completion of the Associate’s degree, a student will have an essential knowledge of the Bible and the Christian Faith. Such knowledge would enable the student to minister in any capacity within the local church with a certain degree of confidence.
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This degree is also built into the Bachelor’s degree program as core curriculum and takes the student almost half-way through it. Any student who has completed the Associate’s degree is naturally eligible to transfer into the Bachelor’s degree program. Conversely, a student who fails to complete a Bachelor’s degree program can, in most cases, revert to the Associate degree. Click here for further information.



Credits Hours: 59

  • Biblical Studies: 27 Credit Hours
  • Theological/Historical Studies: 19 Credit Hours
  • Practical Theology: 5 Credit Hours

Number of Courses: 24


Associate of Theology degree plan

CourseCourse IDCredits
Biblical Studies
Biblical HermeneuticsBH10133
NT Greek Grammar I GK10133
NT Greek Grammar IIGK10233
NT Survey INT10133
NT Survey IINT10233
OT Hebrew Grammar IHE10133
OT Hebrew Grammar IIHE10233
OT Survey IOT10133
OT Survey IIOT10233
Theological/Historical Studies
Biblical Theology of Manhood & WomanhoodBT10133
Church History I CH10133
Church History IICH10233
Systematic Theology IST10144
Systematic Theology IIST10233
Ecclesiology & Baptist HeritageST20233
Practical Theology
Introduction to Biblical ExpositionBE20133
Spiritual Formation ISF10111
Spiritual Formation IISF10211
Ethics & Philosophy
The Christian HomeET10133
Center for Evangelism & Missions
Evangelism orEV10133
Introduction to MissiologyMI1013
Critical Analysis (English and French) *CA10122
Malagasy for Academic Writing**LA1110/11200
English for Academic Writing**LA1210
French for Academic Writing**LA1310


* This course is required for any first semester student.

** Each student will sit for language placement tests and have a passing grade in one or more preferred language(s). The student is approved to adopt a particular language, in which he/she has had a passing grade, as writing/research language. The other language(s) in which the student did not have a passing grade will be offered, free of charge, as (a) required course(s) in the student’s first and second semesters. Students are to take these courses as many times as needed until a passing grade is reached. Each of these language classes has the workload value of a 1 credit-hours course, yet these hours do not accumulate towards the degree.

Additional Note:

One credit hour requires 1.1 hours (1h06’) class time and 2.2 additional hours (2h12’) of personal work per week, for one semester. Thus, a 3-credit hours course requires 3.3 hours of class time and 6.6 (6h36’) additional hours of personal work per week, for one semester.

A student enrolled in courses totaling 12 credit hours should expect a 40-hours workload per week, for one semester.