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Since last week has been new student orientation for the semester A 2022 in the FTBM’s computer lab at Ankadivato.

The orientation is an opportunity to meet some of the faculty members,  staff, and other students in person. It will also help the student to acclimate to the academic standard at FTBM. Thus, he/she will be able to schedule his/her courses for the semester.  

The orientation covers the following topics:

  • Ethical standard
  • Code of conduct (maintaining student status, modesty, church membership, sexual purity, etc.)
  • Academic standard (intellectual property, BMD system, language policies, grading system, dropping class)
  • Technology (Email, Moodle, Alexandria project, Zoom)

46 students are enrolled for this semester. We are excited for what the Lord is already doing and we pray that He will glorify Himself in all the things we will do this semester at FTBM.