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Tuition & Fees

We are aware that money can be an obstacle for some who desires to study. However, we want to encourage all qualified students, regardless of financial ability, to consider applying at FTBM.

Application Fee: MGA 40 000

Application Fee must be submitted with the application form. This fee is non- refundable. Please contact [email protected] for payment.

Computer Lab Fee: MGA 15 000

FTBM gives students access to the computer lab so that they are able to have Internet connection and access the online student portal.

Tuition For Degree and Non-Degree Programs

The tuition varies according to the number of courses the student is taking for each semester. Below are the cost per course according to its value in credit hours:

1 CH MGA 21 000
2 CH MGA 42 000
3 CH MGA 63 000
4 CH MGA 84 000

Any student who is enrolled in courses totaling 10 credit hours or more is considered full-time* for the current semester. Full-time students will only pay the amount for 10 CH (MGA 210 000) regardless of the extra number of courses in which they are enrolled.

Tuition can be paid in full before the beginning of class. The student can also choose to pay monthly throughout the semester.

*Full-time: Contrary to common understanding, a full-time student does not mean he/she cannot have a full-time activity anymore (such as a full-time job). Here “full-time” pertains only the student’s status with FTBM.

Tuition For Audit

One can also decide to enroll at FTBM as an audit student. The tuition for audit student is set at MGA 13 000 per credit hour.

Refund Policy

Please contact the administration at [email protected] to discuss the refund policies.