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Class Schedule

Courses Offered in Fall 2023

Critical Analysis course (CA10120) must be taken as a prerequisite to all other courses (except for Biblical langages and Academic langages). In other words, this course is compulsory for all new students (except for those who choose the Audit program). It is not possible for the student to take any other class as long as he has not passed the Critical Analysis class. 

Biblical Studies

Course IDCourseDescriptionCreditsProfessor
OT1023 Old Testament Survey II Part II covers Job to Malachi. It consists of a general overview of the OT as God’s inspired Word in its ANE contexts, introductory issues (author, genres, major themes, and theology), and gives attention to some current critical methods (form, canon, and narrative criticisms).3Njato RAZAFIMBAHINY

Theological/Historical Studies

Course IDCourseDescriptionCreditsProfessor
ST1014Systematic Theology IAn Introduction to Christian Doctrine, surveying the principal themes that make up the core of Christian Theology.4Mandimby RANAIVOARISOA


Course IDCourseDescriptionCreditsProfessor
CA1012Critical AnalysisThis course introduces the student to the practice of academic critical analysis. It seeks to develop the skills of accurately identifying, summarizing, analyzing, and evaluating the argument of an author or a text.2Mandimby RANAIVOARISOA
LA1210Academic EnglishThis course trains students to read and write academic and theological works in English.0Charissa WILSON
LA1310Academic FrenchThis course trains students to read and write academic and theological works in French.0Tiana RANAIVOARISOA